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Sex is one of the most important aspects of the human body. Men or women, both have bodily requirements that can only be satisfied after a pleasurable encounter with another person. Some people prefer to have sex on a daily basis, some even do it multiple times a day and some like to keep it quiet with once a week. Irrespective of the frequency of sexual encounters, the fact does not change that a human being loves the company of another person. But, there are three types of men in this world, one that loves vaginal sex, others are mad about anal sex and there is that lot that wants them both, vaginal and anal.


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Anal sex is something that a lot of people are not completely aware or comfortable with. Either is the voodoo that is surrounding it or the perception that it is dangerous. We cannot speak for everyone but the kind of anal sex New York that you would experience with our girls would not only be safe but highly satisfying too. There is nothing wrong with this type of sex and whoever is skeptical about it, definitely not have enjoyed a night or a few hours with our girls.


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